Speakers 2020

Jean-Paul Lemieux

Director of Bilateral Relations for South America

Global Affairs Canada


Jean-Paul Lemieux is a career diplomat with Global Affairs Canada. He currently serves as Director of Bilateral Relations for South America. Jean-Paul joined the Department in 1997 and has completed initial overseas assignments in Santiago, Chile (1999-2002) and in Geneva, Switzerland (2006-2010) where he was accredited to the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Most recently, Mr. Lemieux served in Brussels, Belgium (2013-17) where he was Counsellor and Head of Section for Trade, Economic and Science and Technology policy at the Mission of Canada to the European Union. During this assignment, Mr. Lemieux led the successful efforts to ratify the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement with the European Commission and Parliament.


At Headquarters, Mr. Lemieux has taken on progressively senior positions including prior assignments as Director of the Planning and Client Service Support Division (2010-2013) as well as Deputy Director of the Trade Commissioner Service Renewal Division (2002-2006).  Mr. Lemieux has additional regional experience in the Asia-Pacific including writing a benchmarking study on the impacts of the 1997 economic crisis and led a departmental evaluation on the Team Canada Missions.


Jean-Paul holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Carleton University and a Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Studies from Queen's University. In addition to French and English, Mr. Lemieux is fluent in Spanish.  

H.E. Romy Vasquez Morales

Ambassador of Panama to Canada


International manager with over twenty-five years of experience in managing business strategies, building partnerships and practicing high-level diplomacy to achieve successful execution of an organization’s business and strategic plans. Gained extensive hands-on experience developing synergies between the public and private sectors in a global international environment with the aim of fostering economic development with corporate social responsibility, both locally and in the hemisphere. Recognized for strong management and interpersonal skills with an energetic and innovative approach to problem solving. Complemented by excellent multilingual communication and negotiation skills.

As Consultant, provides strategies on corporate social responsibility for private companies and foundations, as well as socio economic and political reports. President of CSR and Ethics Committee at Asociación Panameña de Ejecutivos de Empresas in 2016-2017. 

In Country Manager for Joint Venture Panama, the company selected to lead the first two years of the EPCM contract of Cobre Panama, the most ambitious mining project of the Central American region, from 2011-2013. Ambassador Vasquez also has experience in the logistics sector, main driver of the Panamanian economy today, as she worked for DHL Global Forwarding.

As diplomat, Ms. Vasquez has served as Ambassador of Panama to Canada from 2005-2009, appointment that currently has taken her back to Ottawa on December 2019. She was also responsible in Mexico City and Quito as Economic Advisor for the Panamanian missions, and has lived in Milan, Michigan, and Florida; In Mexico City, owned and managed a retail business for ten years from 1995-2005, developing offshoring strategy to move manufacturing from Mexico to China while continuing to run distribution operations through a fully owned retail chain of boutiques.

She has an MBA from Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (1987) and a BS Sciences degree from Georgetown University in Washington DC (1983).

Ambassador Romy Vasquez is the mother of Diego Alberto Gonzalez Vasquez and Milena Gonzalez Vasquez.


Board Member at Fundación Amaneceres and Voces Vitales Panama.

Member of the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Panama, Panama- Canada Chamber of Commerce, and Asociación Panameña de Ejecutivos de Empresa (APEDE) 


H.E. Roberto Rodriguez Arnillas

Ambassador of Peru to Canada


Roberto Rodriguez is a career diplomat in the Peruvian Foreign Service since January 1990 and has currently the rank of Ambassador. He graduated (Bachelor) in International Relations from the Peruvian Diplomatic Academy. He has earned a Master’s Degree in Management of Human Resources and Knowledge Management from the Polytechnic University of Cataluña (Spain), and has also followed graduated studies on Trade and Development in the ESAN (Escuela de Administración de Negocios del Perú) and on Trade at the Fundación Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

He is currently the Ambassador of Peru to Canada since June 29th 2018.

During his career developed in Peru, he has been senior advisor for Foreign Affairs at the Office of the President (2016-2018), prior to that position was Chief of Staff of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2015-2016) and was part of the advisor’s team at the cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (2014-2015).  He also was Chief of Staff of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (2007-2009). He has been adviser to the Office of the Prime Minister of Peru (2006). 

Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has also been Head Officer of the Division of Brazil and on the Amazonian Cooperation Treaty Organization (1997-1999) and worked in the Economical Promotion Division (1990), Undersecretary for Cultural Affairs (1991) and the International Cooperation Division (1992). 

With regard to his external appointments he was the Deputy Chief of Mission in Canada (2012-2014). Prior to assume his position in the Embassy of Peru in Canada, he served as Deputy Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations in New York (2010-2011). 

As a Foreign Service Officer, he was appointed as Consul of Peru to Guayaquil (1993-1995) and has served at the Peruvian Embassies in Brazil (1996-1997) and the United States (2000-2005). 

Roberto Rodriguez has been awarded by the Peruvian Government with the Order of Merit for Distinguished Services. 

He is married and has three children.


Sarah Barnes-Humphrey

Founder and Host of Lets Talk Supply Chain



Sarah Barnes-Humphrey is a logistician turned supply chain marketer, passionate about bringing stories to life in an industry that has traditionally been about stats and numbers. As the host of the popular Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast (LTSC) blog and The Trade Squad on YouTube, Barnes-Humphrey helps tell the stories and bring awareness to brands and hot topics in the industry, which includes her infamous Women in Supply Chain series. Recently named Top 100 most influential women leaders in Supply Chain (global) and Top 100 most influential Women in Canadian Supply Chain, Barnes-Humphrey has spent the past 20 years in logistics and supply chain learning everything she can and recently ventured off on her own to grow the LTSC brand including a new YouTube Channel called “The SC, supply chain tv” where you can learn from real people talking about real supply chain topics. Barnes-Humphrey is also the co-founder and CEO of Shipz Inc., a new technology platform encompassing all of her experience and knowledge in the supply chain bringing innovative, collaborative ideas together on her own platform for the supply chain industry.


Demostenes Perez 

Chief Commercial Officer

IPL Group S.A. 



Demo, as is better known in the industry, is a supply chain business development passionate and hands-on executive who has over 2 decades of experience in developing regional distribution solutions and operations for global companies in almost all industries. Helping companies to grow their network and their business in Latin America by creating innovative logistics solutions to help them reach markets and customers using the Panama logistics platform as their pivot point for moving their products faster, safer and efficiently aligning logistics processes with business strategies. With a proven expertise in regional warehousing and distribution services, innovative logistics solutions, value-added services, networking, business development, management, government affairs, trade consulting and advisory. Today is recognized as a reference personality of the Panama ́s logistics industry. 

Hugo Fuentes 

Co-founder and CEO

The Owl Solutions



Hugo is a supply chain management professional with 20 years of experience managing global, complex supply chains. He has worked in Europe, North and South America, holding leadership positions in procurement, demand and supply planning, logistics and global transportation. 

On his latest role, he was the Vice President of Planning and Procurement at Factors Group of Nutritional Companies, one of the largest manufacturers of vitamins and health supplements in North America, based out of British Columbia, Canada.


Currently, he leads The Owl Solutions, a Waterloo-based technology company that specializes on helping manufacturing and distribution companies to leverage data for improving supply chain performance.

Kathrin Bussmann

Founder & President

Verbaccino Inc.



Kathrin Bussmann, Ph.D., is the Founder & President at Verbaccino Inc., a global marketing consultancy that helps brands attract, engage and retain more international customers. Her mission is to help companies succeed beyond their own borders by leveraging foreign market research, global-ready branding, and localized content marketing strategies for international expansion. Kathrin believes that in the Digital Age, even small brands can build a worldwide customer base. Her award-winning, interview-style audio show, The Worldly Marketer Podcast, is a weekly exploration of what it takes to “go global” in today’s digital, social, multilingual marketplace. Kathrin is a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), a member of The Global Chamber, and a Co-Founder of Women in Localization’s Eastern Canada chapter (WLEC). She is based in Toronto, Canada.

Michelle Corriols 

Consular Agent in Commercial Affairs-Director Trade Promotion Office 

Export Promotion Agency of Costa Rica (Procomer)


 Michelle Corriols was appointed Director of the Trade Promotion Office of Costa Rica in Canada on March, 2014. As Director, Ms. Corriols main mission is to identify new business opportunities for Costa Ricans exporters in the Canadian market in order to strengthen the bilateral trade and take advantage of the Free Trade Agreement signed between the two countries. Diversify exports to Canada from the Food, Agriculture, Industrial and Services sectors by providing market information in the growing markets and trends.  Under her role she has led the first Trade in Services Missions from Costa Rica to Canada in the areas of digital animation, software development and educational services.


Prior to this assignment due to his background in Food Technology she worked from  2008 to 2013, as an  Export Promotion Executive for the Food Industry Sector  at Procomer in which she assisted the Costa Rican small and medium enterprises to penetrate new export markets, mainly Asia and Europe, through  the participation in exporters missions and Trade Shows as (Fancy Food Show, Anuga and Sial Paris).  She provided adviced  on  food regulations and market access. 


Ms Corriols has a master degree in Industrial Engineer from the University  Interamericana de Costa Rica and she has a degree  in  Food Technology from the University of Costa Rica.



Sr. Trade Commissioner

Trade Office of Peru in Canada


Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Aldo Parodi is a decorated scholar with a proven admiration for his home country. He has studied at various universities including Universidad del Pacífico and Nova Southeastern University, gaining two Masters in the fields of Business Administration and Science Conflict Resolution. He has served as General Manager for multinational companies like Hilti Inc. and Yamaha Motors, where he implemented new distribution strategies as well as actively managing different areas of each company, encouraging the growth of not only the company, but of the employees themselves as well. 


Starting in 2014, Mr. Parodi moved into the public function being appointed Trade Commissioner of Peru in France, creating and developing the Trade Office. During the last five years, he was able to increase French tourism to Peru, and rose both textile and fresh fruits exports by a hundred percent. A devoted husband and generous father of three, Mr. Parodi is not only a strategy expert of goods between countries, but a skilled navigator in personal matters should they arise. Throughout his years in business administration, Mr. Parodi has continued a steady push forward wherever he goes, whilst never failing to put his country, Peru, on the rise. 



GTA Trade & Customs

KPMG Canada 



After her time as President of the Canadian Importers and Exporters Association (I.E.Canada), Joy Nott joins the KPMG Canada Trade and Customs practice as a Partner, Joy brings over 25 years of experience in customs operations and compliance to the KPMG team. Joy started her career in Montreal and worked for over 10 years for well known customs brokers/freight forwarders giving her hands on operational experience.


Professional and Industry Experience

In past years, Joy was a Vice President and Managing Consultant for JPMorgan Global Trade Management Services based in the Toronto, Ontario area and specialized in matters of customs and international trade for both Canada and the U.S. based clients. Prior to the above, Joy spent a number of years developing her expertise employed as a Senior Manager with public accounting firms of KPMG LLP and Deloitte & Touche LLP as a Customs and International Trade consultant. The accounting firm environment provided her with extensive experience related to advising multinational clients in terms of meeting import and export requirements while minimizing costs. Her experience with professional tax and supply chain advisers has given her a background rich in understanding how customs and trade issues play an important role in developing corporate strategies. Her experience in advising how matters such as income tax transfer pricing and customs valuation fit into complex international restructuring plans have been key to her success as a consultant.


Joy has sat on various committees as advisors to Federal Ministers and has testified before both the House of Commons and Senate Committees on International trade on matters directly impacting Canadian importers and exporters. Joy’s credentials include a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec in 1987. She later sought and received honours when writing for her qualified customs brokers’ status in 1990. In 1993, Joy gained her professional customs brokerage status. In 2011, Joy gained her P.Log designation (Professional Logistician).

Jennifer Cooke

Corporate Lead, Women in Trade 

Export Development Canada


“Life is too short. I believe in pushing beyond our comfort zones to try new things. Be passionate, be proactive, and persevere.”



I joined EDC in 2010 to work directly with Canadian companies and help them succeed in international markets. As the new Corporate Lead for EDC’s Women in Trade Strategy, my job is focused specifically on helping more women entrepreneurs export to grow their business. Working directly, as well as through key partners, EDC is offering specialized trade knowledge, facilitating trade with financing and insurance, and providing connections to enable companies to go, grow and succeed globally.



I am inspired by Canadian entrepreneurs and believe strongly in the untapped potential to grow Canada’s economy by empowering more women-owned and led businesses to scale and grow beyond borders. I am dedicated to removing barriers and to delivering the best customer experience by providing companies the knowledge and expertise they need to make their mark in international markets.



I’m a busy mom of two active girls who loves creating, try- ing new things, and learning about new cultures. A graduate of UWO’s Richard Ivey School of Business, I grew up in Burlington, Ontario, and have enjoyed a variety of experiences working both in large multinational corporations, and as part of an entrepreneurial start-up. My knowledge is enriched by international work experiences in the US, the UK and Mexico, and I am bilingual in both English and French with a sprinkling of Spanish.

Emiliano Introcaso CITP®, P.Log., MBA (Cand.)

Export Advisor | Export Help



Emiliano has close to two decades of experience working with manufacturers and exporters looking to increase their global growth by providing them with support and guidance in all things export. His strategy not only focuses on navigating companies through the complexities of global supply chains, but also in the small details that can make or break an international trade transaction. Emiliano is one of the Export Advisors at Export Development Canada (EDC), a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) with the Forum For International Trade Training (FITT) and an ICC Registered Trainer on Incoterms® 2020 in Canada

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