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International Conference & Exhibition Registration Form - INTERNATIONAL
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  • VIP Badge: Official accreditation to the International Pacific Alliance Trade Show Program, Toronto 2018. Registered companies, international guests and prominent guests from Canada will have access to all activities, during the three days of the program at Hilton Toronto, Canada.
  • Conferences: Activities carried out during the development of the International PATS 2018 program, attendees have access to sessions with key industry speakers from Canada. Experienced professionals and representatives of the sectors will share their experiences to inspire and establish business relationships between the South Pacific region and Canada.
  • Networking Events: Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the experience of exchanging opinions, getting to know the active participants of the business in Canada and the Pacific region. In an interactive and close environment attendees will be able to explore new business opportunities, with an international and global vision, while having the benefit of an international experience.
  • B2B Meetings: Registered companies will participate in business meetings with potential buyers, companies interested in knowing about the exportable offer. Meetings will be previously managed by the organization and according to the profile of the exportable offer and market requirements.
  • Certificate of Participation: Registered companies in the International PATS 2018 program will receive written recognition of their participation in the activities carried out during the program held in Toronto, Canada. It accredits the international experience of the participating SME.
  • Technical Workshop: Access to the workshop "Situation Analysis: Determining Current State and Opportunities for Growth" part of the FITTskills Program offered online by FITT. This workshop explains how to conduct a situational analysis, including assessing organization readiness and planning and analyzing the results of international market research.
  • Booth & Exhibition Space:  The companies registered in the International PATS 2018 program will be able to exhibit and promote the exportable offer during the days of the program. Exhibition area for permanent exhibition and a space of 5x5sq. to make connections, meet customers and experts during the exhibition days.